Top picks from Glossier

I’ve finally hopped onto the Glossier train, and wow. I can see why so many people have.

For my next post, I bring you my top picks from Glossier, being the legendary Cloud paint blushes, and Boy Brow. I bought these just over a month ago now, but with this crazy heatwave happening at the moment (seriously, WHAT is going on England?) I thought it would be a great time to give them a quick review. They’re so quick and easy to apply with beautifully light textures, making them great for creating a natural, fresh, ‘barely there’ look that lasts all day, without your eyebrows going crumbly and flaky, or your blush going cakey, oily or patchy (GOODBYE mysterious fingerprints, you will not be missed).


Glossier Cloud Paints

I cannot go on enough about how amazing these products (okay, maybe my boyfriend will disagree) but seriously, these have completely revolutionised cream blushes for me.

You only need a tiny amount of these (a pea sized blob is probably too much), applied to the back of the hand, dotted along the cheeks with your fingertip and blended in until you achieve the desired opacity.

In my Glossier basket, I threw in the rose/nude shade ‘Dusk’ and the peachy shade ‘Beam’. Dusk is great for creating a natural flush and contour, whereas Beam looks beautiful applied to the apples of the cheeks for an ‘I’ve just been frolicking around in the sun all day’ look, minus the sunburn…

I’m obsessed with mixing up the two to achieve a summery, peach/rose shade, blending it from the apples of the cheeks, across the cheekbone and out along the temples, as in the photo below.


 Glossier Boy Brow

Much like the cloud paints, Boy Brow is so easy and fast to apply and gives a very natural look. Just to clarify, when I say natural, I don’t mean you’ll be staring at your face in the mirror for hours going ‘…where is it?’.

What I mean, is that the products do not give a very strong pigment or sharp definition, the effect is more subtle, and this really rings home with Boy Brow; after applying just a couple of coats, each eyebrow hair is noticeably thickened, giving a very full and natural looking brow without a noticeable waxy residue or glaringly obvious pigmentation.


Although marketed as an ‘eyebrow filler and shaper’ I still find that a pencil is needed to really finish the brows for makeup looks where I want more definition, filling in any small gaps that remain, adding definition to the corners and arches.

I chose Boy Brow in the shade ‘blond’, however its also available in ‘black’, ‘brown’ and ‘clear’


Have you tried any of Glossier’s products? 🙂

I would love to hear your thoughts!






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