Little homeware tips to spruce up your home

I remember back I was moving into my first place, I got so excited about being able to fill an unfurnished place with entirely my own things and making it look like an Oliver Bonas shop. Browsing,, Oliver Bonas,  Next, Zara any homeware store I could find, within about 10 minutes, I would find my online and real-life shopping baskets accruing a value close to Taylor Swift’s net worth, and gobsmacked at how my basket dared to be that expensive, I would slowly leave things on the side, returning home with a grand total of 2-3 things – most likely a pack of tea -lights and holders, and if I really pushed the boat out, a very Instagram-worthy set of coasters.

Fast forward 2 years, I’ve realised a wonderful thing.

Once you’ve nailed down the basic furniture (I’m talking kitchen table and chairs, bed, drawers, sofa, not those designer cushions or that amazing oak coffee table, no matter how nice it might look in the house) you can select a few homeware pieces that can transform the look of your home and give it a whole new lease of life and fresh vibe, without breaking the bank.

After we got the main furniture down (IKEA is fantastic for this – price and quality), I dotted a few small homeware additions around the house, and I absolutely love all the ways they subtly transform each room.




The first thing I bought for the house was actually the lantern and candle in the first photo below because I loved how much of a statement it adds.  I love how putting candles in a room instantly creates feelings of relaxation and tranquility. Whether we’re cooking, watching a film or relaxing with some tea and biscuits, a candle is almost always on the go.




I love using empty Gu pudding pots as tea light holders!



Particularly nice in the kitchen or bedroom windowsills, glassware is a great way to draw light into a room (if you have a bare wall, try a tall mirror or if there’s a chest of draws against the wall, a mirror propped on top and see what you think!)

For price and quality, my favourite place for glassware is Oliver Bonas hands down. The colours and designs are gorgeous, ranging from block coloured soda glass, to vases and carafes with flecks of gold. Plus, they often end up in the sale, the pink vase below being only £12!



Sometimes I find some incredible glassware items in TKMaxx, the brush pot and vanity jar duo below being one of my absolute favourite finds.



One of the reasons I have orchids dotted around the place is because they are so pretty and they are so easy to look after (if I can’t keep a pot of basil alive for more than a couple of days, but can keep these things alive for getting on 2 years.. well that tells you all you need to know)

Plants are a great way to add a pop of colour to a room and are also great for improving air quality. For this reason, we picked up a peace lily plant, and honestly, it’s amazing how it can transform a stuffy room, especially when we had been away for a few days.

Pop them absolutely anywhere, kitchen or bedroom window sill, coffee table, bathroom corner, or floor standing like our peace lily currently placed under the stairs.



Orchids are super easy to care for. Water them ‘weakly, weekly’.



For a calm, easy going vibe, I love dotting succulents about the place in subtle places. I’m absolutely loving the build-your-own terrarium positioned downstairs in our dining room, and amazing fun birthday present from my other half (seriously, I want to buy everyone one of these because of how much joy it brought me and how fun it is to create).


Another great way to add colour to a room is with artificial flowers. The ones below are often used as props for blogging photos, and when I’m not using them I keep them in a floor standing vase next to the window.

Garden centers are a fantastic place to buy these, as I’ve found they have a huge selection and are often quite a bit cheaper than other online sellers (plus it means you can look at the adorable rabbits!! .. or is that just me?)


Delicate lighting and soft furnishings

Now I know this can be a bit of a personal preference. Depending on how they’re done, fairy lights can look super pretty, or alternatively, they can look tacky as hell.

I find that using copper wire fairy lights makes them look a lot more subtle, and better for winding around banisters and bed posts, and also look great in a messy tangle inside a mason jar. The plastic coated wires are hardier and less prone to breakage, but by nature look very noticeable wrapped around things, so I personally wouldn’t opt for this style for winding around furniture.



Lastly, soft furnishings such as throws and cushions, are a great way to make living rooms and bedrooms feel soft, warm, and inviting. If the room features a lot of lightly coloured furniture, oak and/or white walls, adding a block colour cushion is great way to break it up.



There you have it! I hope you enjoyed reading!

I would love to know your tips on how you’ve put your personal touch on your home in the comments below! 🙂



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