A few holiday snaps from Jamaica

With it being so cold and gloomy recently (how is it snowing in March?!) I’ve been increasingly dreaming of warm weather, sunshine and the smell of suncream, and reminiscing about my amazing trip to Jamaica. After zoning out trawling through several memory cards of photos, I thought it would be awesome to share some of my favorite snapshots with you and bring you along a trip down memory lane with me.

Let’s go! 🙂


Negril, the beach town on Jamaica’s west coast, is gorgeous, right from the unspoiled beaches to the wonderful people. We stayed at the Sensatori Resort Azul, which is perched perfectly on Negril’s seven-mile beach, allowing us to absorb Negril’s easy going culture and fantastic setting.

We spent two weeks at the Sensatori Azul Beach Resort, which catered for everyone and everything –  several pools, restaurants and bars to choose from, leisure activities (diving/watersports/land sports), and of course a wonderful spa.

A snapshot of Negril’s gorgeous ‘Seven Mile Beach’



Our first venture out of the hotel involved a taxi through Jamaican forests and highlands before arriving at a Jamaican farm for lunch. Everything we were cooked was grown on the farm or sourced locally, and it was absolutely delicious. A few things on the menu were a vegan vegetable sushi (replace the fish with mango and coconut), Jamaican chicken and a prawn curry.



A snapshot of the banana plantation at the farm. Moments before this picture was taken, we had just walked through a melon and pineapple plantation. Moments after, we were given a tour of the herb garden and sampled some fresh ginger.


Next, we went on a cruise down the Black River, allowing us to appreciate local wildlife and incredible mangrove forests. Afterwards, we stopped off at YS Falls for a (very very fun) cool off from the heat.


note: do not put your hands in the water.!
This boat was filled with kids going on a school trip ^_^


Although we were only there for a couple of hours, our trip to YS falls will forever have a place in my heart – the scenery, the people, the wildlife (don’t mind the occasional hummingbird flying past) were amazing. Oh.. and climbing the waterfalls and rope swinging across them was pretty incredible.


Rope swinging across one of the seven natural pools. So much fun!!!

IMG_3868 (1).jpgNS9A3839


Now, a trip to Negril wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Rick’s Cafe, which is famous for its clifftop bar and cliff divers. I didn’t actually realise that visitors were also allowed to try cliff diving as well, so as soon as I found out, I had to try it. There are three different platform heights – if you’re brave enough to try the third highest platform.. and can get past the terrifying health and safety sign.. go for it! (the smallest one was enough for me…) Thankfully, the highest platform is off limits…at 30ft O_O.

A cliff diver jumping off the 3rd highest platform.





Throughout the holiday we also managed to squeeze in a few dives. Beautiful dive sites just a short boat trip away from the hotel really was the cherry on top for me. It’s hard to find a dive site that combines beautiful corals, wildlife and wrecks – Jamaica does this wonderfully.







Where have you been dreaming of visiting lately?




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