Rituals: The Ritual of Dao range

Its that time of year, where a little bit of pampering is very much appreciated. Mike and I like to have our own little Christmas together before we head back to Bristol to visit family, and this year he went above and beyond giving me this beautiful range from Rituals.

With notes of white lotus flower and Yi Yi Ren (a Chinese herb famed for its anti-inflammatory properties), this left our bathroom truly smelling like an exotic spa, and me feeling like I had just had the most decadent aromatherapy spa treatment. The range is inspired by Dao, an ancient Chinese philosophy focusing on achieving the perfect Yin and Yang balance. With that in mind, its easy to understand how the combination of floral fragrances, soft textures, beautiful packaging and fantastic results has helped me regain and maintain a deep sense of calm.

Because of this, I just couldn’t wait to take a few snaps and dedicate my next post to it 🙂


First off, I absolutely love the crisp green packaging, and how the range includes a beautiful slate, adding a touch of refinement and calm to any room.

In this gift set, there are 4 products; a body scrub, shower oil, shower foam and body cream, each delicately caring for the skin (especially great for sensitive skin) and leaving a gorgeous fragrance.


1. The Ritual of Dao Mindful Body Scrub|125ml

What I really love about this scrub is its fine sand-like texture. With sensitive skin, a lot of scrubs that contain larger grains can leave my skin feeling quite dry and irritated. Instead, the tiny grains meant this felt more like a microdermabrasion scrub, meaning my skin remained supple and moisturised. However, if you prefer a stronger scrub with more oils to prevent dryness, I recommend The Rituals of Sakura sugar scrub. It also may look like a small pot in this set, but don’t be fooled! A grape-sized amount was just enough so I can see this little pot going a long way.


2. The Ritual of Dao Shower Foam|200ml

To wash off the scrub, the next step calls for the shower foam. Mike himself is no stranger to the Rituals shower foams and has been a huge fan of the Himalayan Mist shower foam (now discontinued, but replaced with the Samurai range). With its gel-like texture transforming into a velvety foam, it’s easy to see why the shower foams have cultivated quite the fan base. My skin felt wonderfully soft and moisturised, and a couple of pumps was just the right amount for a full body application.


The Ritual of Dao Shower Foam; just a few seconds after dispensing 1 pump ( I had to ready my camera pretty fast!)


3. The Ritual of Dao Shower Oil|200ml

After the body foam, the next step is the shower oil to lock moisture into the skin. A few drops are all that is needed to work this oil into a silky foam that’s enough to cover the whole body. Honestly, this product really amazed me because I’m not a fan of thick moisturizers and bath oils because of their tendency to leave a greasy residue – if you agree, then please don’t worry about this with this product! I was delighted to find my skin feeling soft and moisturised with no greasy residue whatsoever, and I can definitely see myself picking up another bottle when it runs out.




4. The Ritual of Dao Body Cream|70ml

The last item in this set is this body cream, with just as sumptuous a fragrance as everything else. I found this to be very moisturising with no greasy residue to be found. However, I can see this little tube ending after about 5 or 6 full body applications, so I will probably just use this as a hand cream to get maximum benefit before it runs out (… after which I will run back to the store to get the full sized pot along with everything else..)



The Ritual of Dao Scented Candle|290g

Lastly, perched on my dressing table is this gorgeous candle, also from the same range. The fragrance is just right (not too pungent but not too weak), and identical to that of the other products.

With the ritual of lighting the candle and smelling the notes of white lotus and Yi Yi Ren, I can see this being a wonderful way to start and end the day with a sense of calm and tranquility – now who could say no to that? 🙂


Thanks for reading! ^_^

What products are you loving lately?


With love,




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