Current obsessions: Fragrance

 I thought it would be fun to share with you my current favourites, each receiving its own dedicated post. First off, I’ll begin with a recent find; a certain perfume I can’t stop dousing myself with.


Roses et Reines en Rouge collection | L’Occitane en Provence

This collection is simply gorgeous. With delicate floral notes mixed with citrusy notes, this really does smell like fresh roses, and I was very pleased to still be able to catch hints of the perfume on my clothes after a full day of wear.

With many fragranced shower gels leaving my skin feeling quite dry after use, I was pleasantly surprised with this one. This one is easy to lather and won’t leave skin feeling parched, however don’t expect supple soft skin after use like you would with a cream wash. Even in using a small amount, the fragrance that enveloped the bathroom was incredible, and much like the perfume, it had a decent staying power on the skin as well.

The perfume is mid-range in terms of price, coming in at £46 so I will definitely be picking up another bottle when this one runs out. When I bought this, there was (and still is) the option to buy the perfume as part of a gift set including the sumptuous shower gel described above, 100g soap and a very good hand cream for £55 (instead of £75 if all items were bought individually) so even though it’s close to £10 dearer, I do think it’s worth the price.

All in all, if you could bottle summer, this is it.


What have you been loving recently? 🙂




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