One book you need to read


The Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell
Honestly? this is hands down the best book I have read so far.
If you are like me, you’ll find it really hard to pick up a book and actually stick it out to the end without getting disinterested after a couple of chapters in. Weeks later, that book is still on the coffee table exactly where you left it, you give it another go, admit defeat and go in search of something else.

It may not be the usual fantasy style I go for, but with my face stuck in this book nearly every night, I am very happy to say things have changed.

The Year of Living Danishly is an ingeniously witty personal recount of journalist’s relocation to Denmark with her husband after he’s offered his dream job. Scared of the upheaval to a foreign land but sick of the London rat-race, she decides enough is enough and takes the plunge (I felt I could relate to this, after spending 4 years living in London).

Whilst living as a freelance journalist, she spends her time investigating what it is that earns Denmark the title ‘the happiest country in the world’, and it’s incredible how easy it is. 

One of the reasons I am so engrossed in this book is it makes me see life in a completely different way – a Danish way. With a culture so focused on personal well-being and self-fulfillment, I now find myself taking little pieces of this book and slotting them into my daily regime – making a habit of going running or to the gym, or joining clubs/societies out side of work for example.

All in all, a beautifully insightful guide on Denmark’s enviable culture and how to be happy within and beyond the comfort of your own home using Danish tips and tricks.

I promise you will not regret buying this book.



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