My hero skin-care masks

For my next post, I bring you my three must-have masks, and they are all from Origins.

I absolutely love this brand, not just because of the results, but because I know that I am paying for high-quality natural ingredients that don’t irritate my skin.

Origins Out of Trouble 10-minute Mask

This is 100% my go-to treatment for breakouts (especially for those stubborn angry hormonal ones that appear out of nowhere). With Camphor as the active ingredient, this mask works by reducing inflammation and redness, however, it did originally take a bit time to get used to Camphor’s strong fragrance. Fragrance aside, this mask is so easy to apply (you can apply it all over if needed, or to specific areas) and after 10 minutes is easily removed with some warm water. Afterward, my skin feels soft and clean and any redness from breakouts is visibly reduced.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

I am currently on my third tube of this stuff and trust me, it’s worth the money if you have experienced dry or tight feeling skin. I like to put this on in the evening after cleansing, and in the morning my skin feels soft and hydrated. This mask runs quite thick, so I tend to use a pea sized amount for my whole face, but when my skin feels drier (hello dry winter air), I use a bit more.

Also, it smells like a tropical fruit punch.

Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask

For blocked pores, this is definitely my go-to mask (for breakouts, I would stick with the Out Of Trouble Mask for the best results). I remember trying this for the first time years ago when my skin was really bad, and haven’t looked back. The consistency and application of this mask is quite similar to the Out Of Trouble Mask, and after 10 minutes the mask sets and is easily removed with warm water, leaving my skin feeling fresh and clean. As expected the results aren’t immediate with this stuff, but after 2-3 uses, my skin definitely looks brighter, and much more so that after any other cream or sheet mask that I have tried.



Left: Out of Trouble; Middle: Drink Up Intensive; Right: Clear Improvement 


There you have it!

Let me know what your favourite masks are in the comments below 🙂




3 thoughts on “My hero skin-care masks

    1. ionasophie

      Thank you 🙂

      Give it a go! It’s pricey, but a little really does goes a long way. You won’t regret it!
      Next time you are near an Origins counter, ask if you can try a sample if you are still unsure, they’re often quite generous!


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