Got 10-20 minutes? A great playlist? let’s Hiit it!

Back in January, I would have screwed up my face and let out a little huff when I saw the word ‘HIIT’ meaning High-Intensity Interval Training, and if anyone even suggested it to me.. well.

And with January being January, it felt like it would take 1000 balloons to lift my mood.

I started reading into exercise magazines and fitness guides to try and find a way to keep fit and tone up, but in a way that produced quick results (I know.. I know.. patience is key) and actually made me feel good and like I had accomplished something, rather than feeling like I hadn’t really done anything.

That was when I started reading up more about HIIT.
Now, HIIT forms a key part of most, if not all my workouts, and here are my top three reasons why:

  1.  It gets your heart rate up and actually makes you feel good HIIT by nature involves short bursts of strenuous high-effort exercise, increasing your heart rate up towards your maximum heart rate zone (220 – your age), followed by rest intervals. Because HIIT is a series of short energy bursts, I love the way it makes me feel really refreshed and relaxed in the hours following it, with productivity, concentration, and general mood also being elevated.
  2. You only need two things: you and your workout clothes.  (Oh, and that great playlist – listening to high tempo music not only improves motivation but also has a knock on heart-rate increasing effect)
  3. It’s quick! You can do it anywhere and incorporate it into any workout or keep it as a stand-alone workout. HIIT fits in nicely with a weights routine if you want to keep a focus on strength-building, but because HIIT works every muscle in the body and is a great burst of cardio, it’s all you really need and only needs to take 10-20 minutes!


With all that in mind, I started to try and pick things out from different HIIT workouts that I liked, and sort of mashed them together. Here it is!

Remember, if you are not feeling up to it then stop exercising and drink some water.

Grab a bottle of water, let’s stretch it out

Stretches (sides, arms, hamstrings, quads)

10 arm swings

10 leg swings


Let’s warm up a bit

Squats x 10

squat pulses x 5

Side lunges x 10 each side

star jumps x 20 seconds


Now HIIT it

Focus: Legs, glutes and arms

Squat jump – burpee – squat jump x 10

30-second rest

Squat jump – burpee – squat jump x 10

30-second rest

Squat jump – burpee – squat jump x 10

2-minute rest


Focus: Arms and core

Plank x 30 seconds

1-minute rest

plank to push-up x 30 seconds

1-minute rest

press up x 10 (keep knees on the floor if needed)


Final frontier

As many squats as possible in 30 seconds


Stretch it out

Stretches (sides, arms, hamstrings, quads,)


I hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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