A little bit of hygge

There are so many reasons I wanted to start this blog.

But here is a big one.

More often than not, I spend my spare moments thinking about the next thing on my to-do list and how much time I have to get it done.

Working in science, my work day begins off a little bit like this:

1. Grab a cup of tea

2. Check emails

3. Run through yesterday’s deliverables

4. Draw up today’s to do list

5. Grab another cup of tea (I am a bit of a tea-holic..)

Now, to-do lists and schedules are great things – they let us see the important things that we need to focus on and delegate time to address them.

Important things.

Now I bet taking the time to enjoy a new book or mascara, or even appreciate the smell of those fresh sourdoughs in the bakery on the way to work wasn’t on there – it certainly wasn’t on mine.

But these things are important things – we need them because they remind us that life is filled with millions upon millions of beautiful moments that come and go as quick as they appear.

Writing this blog is my way of reconnecting with those beautiful moments that can easily slip through our fingers.

I hope that sharing a little bit of my day to day life and a touch of hygge will help you see all of the many ways you can dedicate more time on that to-do list to you, and enjoy those little moments that whole lot more.

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